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Bonneville Bullet Team

Dyno- Dan Holmes
Ex RE dealer, dreamer, racer
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Glen Kyle
Builder, retired hill climber
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Phil Myers
Machinist, builder, tuner
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Mark Brownlee
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Nathan Holmes
Graphic Artist
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Roger Howk
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Johnny Szoldrak

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enthusiasts, drivers, grunts, with or without experience. Click Here


CMA Team Members

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Mike Floyd
Sydney, Australia  $200
Kerry Counsell
Monmouthshire UK
Jeffery Cole
Roderic Wagoner
Bryan Wylie
Jorge Pullin
Mike Wright
Matthew Harris
Karl Rund
Allan Kenneston
Maryanne Swinarski
Bill Welch
Edwin Alsberg
Tim Maclean
Ron & Theresa Jack
Glen Kyle
Terry Boehm
Rod Wagoner
Ken Deal
Leland Sheppard
Lamar Kinsley
Lennis Classic Motorworks
Sachih Chavan
Roger Howard
Jon Applegate
Alan Hitchcock






Classic Motorworks
Faribault, Minnesota  USA

Royal Infield
Chennai, India
(Eicher Motors Limited)

Hitchcock's Motorcycles Ltd.
Solihull,  UK

Spokane, Washington  USA

Perry's Motorcycles
Fort Worth, Texas  USA







Classic Motorcycle Association - CMA
Daniel Holmes
PO Box 271
New Paris, IN 46553